Safety Information

Safety Information

Helping you make your windows safe

All Blinds fitted Domestically will be fitted with a safety component and all commercial will have a child safety component fitted if a child between 0-42months will ever be on premises. We also offer an option which is cord/chain free! We offer Sensers Slow Rise Roller Blinds which allows the blind to simply open or close with a pull on a toggle. We also offer perfect fit blinds which we can supply in, venetian (wood & metal), Roller and Pleated.

The Perfect Fit Pleated blinds can be Tensioned so you can open and close the blind just by pulling or pushing it open or closed. Our Wood and Metal Venetians have a child safe string pull operation which is connected by a Acorn which is a breakaway system, if any pressure is applied to the cord loop the acorn will break in half and the cords will be individual preventing any loop.

There are two options on a Vertical Blind, cord and chain with a child safety component attached or a wand which can operate the blind in the same way as the cord and chain.

Please call or email for further details.